Fig. 1 (left). Beatrix Potter (Helen Beatrix Heelis, née Potter) by the back door of Hill Top (photo summer 1913)
Fig. 2 (right). Beatrix Potter with pet rabbit, Benjamin Bouncer (photo Sep. 1891)

Fig. 3-4. Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) and solicitor William Heelis (1871-1945) on their engagement day (late 1912) and wedding day (14 Oct. 1913)

Fig. 5. Beatrix Potter in her early 70s as depicted in a painting done in 1938 by her friend Delmar Banner. Beatrix is holding a show catalog for the judging of Herdwick sheep, which are shown in the background. In 1943 she was elected president of the Herdwick Sheepbreeders' Association but died on 22 Dec. 1943 at age 77, before taking office.

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