North London Collegiate School (for Girls) — NLCS

North London Collegiate School, founded Apr. 1850 by Frances Mary Buss (1827-94), was the first girl's school in the United Kingdom. When NLCS moved to Canons Drive, Edgware, the Camden School for Girls took up residence in the old NLCS building on Sandall Road, Camden Town. Both NLCS and CSG are operated by the Frances Mary Buss Foundation.

Agnes Arber attended NLCS for ten years (1887-97). Ethel Sargant attended NLCS for six years (1875-81).

Fig. 1 (left). NLCS sign and crest at the front entrance to the school at its present location in Edgware on Canons Drive.

Fig. 2 (right). Closeup view of the NLCS crest.

Former location of NLCS at Sandall Road:

Fig. 3 (left). Side view of the former NLCS Sandall Road site where Agnes Arber would have attended. This building is now the site of the Camden School for Girls.

Fig. 4 (right). Rear view showing the original building with the later additions to the left.

Fig. 5. Closeup view of the English Heritage plaque honoring Frances Mary Buss. Note that it is visible in Fig. 4 above amongst the first floor windows.

Present location of NLCS at Canons Drive, Edgware:

Fig. 6. View of the main entrance of NLCS, Canons Drive, Edgware.

Fig. 7 - 8. Rear views of NLCS, Canons Drive, Edgware.

Photos taken 16 June 2003 by Mena Schmid (Olympus c2040z, digital).

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