Newnham College at Cambridge University

Newnham College is Cambridge University's second oldest women's college (founded 1871) and is located south of Sidgwick Ave., about 0.7 mile (1.1 km) southwest of the center of Cambridge. Unlike Girton College (founded 1869), which went coeducational in 1977, Newnham College remains a woman's college, as do New Hall (founded 1954) and Lucy Cavendish College (founded 1965).

Agnes Arber (1879-1960) attended Newnham College on scholarship for three years (1899-1902). Her daughter Muriel Agnes (1913-2004) also attended the college for three years (1932-35). Edith Rebecca Saunders (1865-1945) attended Newnham for four years (1884-88).

Fig. 1 & 2. Views from inside the courtyard. Left is the building housing the gated entrance from Newnham Street.

Fig. 3 & 4. Views of the Newnham College gate, at the Newnham Street entrance.

Fig. 5. View of the present-day dining hall (looking in through the window).

Photos taken 23 April 2003 by Mena Schmid (Olympus c2040z, digital).

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