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ERIC ANDERSEN  (born 14 Feb. 1943)
        Official website for the singer/songwriter.
        Ghosts Upon the Road  (maintained by Mena Schmid, USA)

THE BAND  [formed 1964 by Rick Danko (29 Dec. 1942 - 10 Dec. 1999), Levon Helm (b. 26 May 1940), Garth Hudson (b. 2 Aug. 1937), Richard Manuel (3 Apr. 1943 - 4 Mar. 1986) & Robbie Robertson (Jaime Klagerman, b. 5 July 1943)]
        Official website

DAVID BLUE  (1941-1982)
        David Blue  (maintained by Alf Storrud, Norway)

LEONARD COHEN  (born 21 Sep. 1934)
        The Leonard Cohen Files  (maintained by Jarkko Arjatsalo, Finland)
        The French Leonard Cohen Site (poèmes et chansons)  (maintained by Patrice Clos, France)
        Official website (maintained by Sony Music Canada)

BOB DYLAN  (born 24 May 1941)  (Sponsored by Columbia Records).
        Bringing It All Back Homepage  (maintained by John Howells, USA)
        Expecting Rain  (maintained by Karl Erik Andersen, Norway)

MARIANNE FAITHFULL  (born 29 Dec. 1946)
        Marianne Faithfull Web Site  (maintained by Serge Mironneau)

        Official website for the combined bunch of 'em, and separately:
        Joe Ely (born 9 Feb. 1947):  Letter to Laredo  (Official website)
        Jimmie Dale Gilmore (born 6 May 1945):  Jimmie Dale Gilmore
        Butch Hancock (born 12 July 1945):  The Butch Hancock Website  (maintained by Jeff Miller, USA)

JOHN HAMMOND, JR.  (born 13 Nov. 1942)
        Website on

PHIL OCHS  (19 Dec. 1940 - 9 Apr. 1976)
        Phil Ochs homepage  (maintained by Trent Fisher, USA)

GARNET ROGERS  (born 1955)
        Official website

STAN ROGERS  (29 Nov. 1949 - 2 June 1983 in the crash of Air Canada flight 797)
        Official website (maintained by Steve Briggs)

CHRIS SMITHER  (born 11 Nov. 1944)
        Official website for the "Blue Guitar".

IAN TYSON  (born 25 Sep. 1933)
        Official website for the cowboy.
        Ian Tyson - The Legend
        Internet Cowboy Home Page for all things Western (Alberta, Canada).

TOWNES VAN ZANDT  (7 Mar. 1944-1 Jan. 1997)
        Official website (maintained by Jeanene Van Zandt)
        Townes Van Zandt Blue Sky Home Page (maintained by Len Coop)

LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III  (born 5 Sep. 1946)
        Loudon Wainwright III Home Page  (maintained by Ron Mura, USA)

HANK WILLIAMS, Sr. (17 Sep. 1923 - 1 Jan. 1953)
        Official Website

        Richard L. Hess "Folk" Music Home Page
        Northern Journey Online, Canadian Folk Music Website (maintained by Gene Wilburn)

        Freight & Salvage Coffee House, Berkeley (folk, blues, singer-songwriter, alternative country, ethnic, etc.)

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