B. MAJOR PUBLICATIONS ON SCIENTIFIC TOPICS, EXCLUDING MICROTECHNIQUE, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND COMPUTERS [Note: Entries are arbitrarily defined as four or more published pages long, with a few exceptions (e.g., items #18, 19, and 66, the first a paper in Science).]:
* = publications (items #8-11) from Ph.D. dissertation: 15 Aug. 1971. Floral anatomy of Eugenia sensu lato (Myrtaceae). The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor [Charles B. Beck as major professor and Warren H. Wagner, Jr., as a major influence]. vii, 217 leaves. [Diss. Abstr. Int., B, 32:6248-B (May 1972).]
! (before a date) = a lengthy analytical review, which usually has a bibliography, which was published especially in Taxon, and which is also cited in Part G.
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