1. 1982-date. Letters on various topics: Audio, Fanfare, Stereo review, Consumer reports, Daily Californian, Los Angeles times, PC magazine, InfoWorld, West county times, Kensington outlook
  2. 1984-85. Dialogue graffiti. Maledicta: Int. J. Verbal Aggression 8:10. Issued 23 Sep. 1985. [Reissued on p. 90 of: R. Aman (ed.), 1987, The best of Maledicta: The international journal of verbal aggression. Philadelphia: Running Press. Apr.]
  3. 1987. Three recent recordings of Carrolliana. Jabberwocky: J. Lewis Carroll Soc. 16:25-29. Winter, spring (issued summer 1989). [Review.]
  4. 1988. Jerry Lee Lewis [CDs]. What CD? 2(2):107. Apr. [Review.]
  5. 1988-89. The taxonomy of benediction and malediction. Maledicta: Int. J. Verbal Aggression 10:239-242. Issued 24 Dec. 1989.
  6. 1995. Leonard Cohen on the American television. Intensity: Leonard Cohen Club Nederland 9(3):[1 p.]. Dec.
    Also 1992-date: Electronic postings on newsgroups (alt.music.leonard-cohen, rec.music.dylan, rec.music.folk, etc.), www.amazon.com (reviews), etc.

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