Sources for reviews of DVDs:

Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture

Sleuth with Sherlock Holmes and Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett:

Sherlock Holmes (6 Jan. 1854 - unknown)
    Sherlockian.Net (beautiful extensive site by Chris Redmond)
    Sherlock Holmes links (by Chris Redmond)
    The World of Sherlock Holmes in Books, Films, Television and Radio (Extensive site by The Singular Society of the Baker Street Dozen, maintained by Charles Prepolec)
    The Granada television series (1984-94) starring Jeremy Brett  (fine compilation by Kathy Li)

Basil Rathbone (Philip St. John Basil Rathbone, 13 June 1892, Johannesburg - 21 July 1967, New York)
   Basil Rathbone: Master of Stage and Screen

Jeremy Brett (Peter Jeremy William Huggins, 3 Nov. 1933, Berkswell - 12 Sep.1995, London)
    The Brettish Empire (by Lisa L. Oldham)
    A dedication to Jeremy Brett (by Diane N. Tran)
    His performances as Sherlock Holmes (see also above for Granada TV series)

Or with Inspector Morse, played by John Thaw (1942-2002):
    The Official Inspector Morse Website
    An episode guide to Inspector Morse

Be dazzled by the bizarre genius of:

Sir Alfred Hitchcock (13 Aug. 1899 - 20 Apr. 1980)
    Encyclopædia Britannica online (with links)
    Alfred Hitchcock DVD Wiki (maintained by Dave Pattern)
    Alfred Hitchcock (maintained by

George Orson Welles (6 May 1915 - 10 Oct. 1985)
    Encyclopædia Britannica online (with links)
    The estate of Orson Welles (maintained by Nathaniel S. Johnson, USA)
    Touch of Welles (maintained by Roberto Bartual, Italy)

Touch of Psycho? Welles' influence on Hitchcock (essay by John W. Hall)

Werner Herzog (born 5 Sep. 1942), German director oft associated with Klaus Kinski (18 Oct. 1926-23 Nov. 1991)
    Official website for Herzog

The Prisoner, 1967/1968 (UK/US) TV series
    The Prisoner Appreciation Society: Six of One (Official website)
    The prisoner (maintained by Kipp Teague)

Be intrigued by FILM NOIRshadows, dark themes, femme fatales, wimpy fatalistic men, snappy dialog:

What is film noir (fide
UC Berkeley Library's list of full-text articles on film noir
DVDBeaver's The Film Noir Resource: Film Noir Essentials
IMdb's top-50 film-noir movie list
Fox film-noir series: Extensive DVD series of American classics
Hammer film-noir series: The Brits try to imitate the Yanks (Amazon list by Rudi Schmid)

And laugh with:

Jeeves & Wooster, especially the TV series starring Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie
Lewis Carroll (1832-98)

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