This year [1999] the Medal Committee decided to add a special Engler Medal in silver for continuing outstanding contributions. Dr. Werner Greuter (B) introduced the Special Silver Engler Medalist, Dr. Rudolf Schmid (UC), noting that "the work recognised with this award is not monographic; in many ways, this is a unique award for a unique man. Rudi's publication record is rather modest but uniquely impressive in one special field, bibliographic science and, specifically, book reviews. You may know that unique feature of Taxon, its column 'Reviews and Notices of Publications'. This is perhaps the journal's most appreciated single feature. It is an indispensable tool for botanical librarians and an invaluable help for all those active or interested in botanical sciences, including those with interests from computer programs to children's books! To Brigitte Zimmer and myself, as [retiring] editors of Taxon, Rudi Schmid has been a congenial and ever helpful companion. He is author or editor of 120-150 pages per year, submitted camera-ready which he is most reliable in delivering on time. The quality and originality of his reviews is outstanding! Rudi has been in charge of this column since January 1986, initially as partner of the great old man, Frans Stafleu, and in this function succeeding him from August 1988. With the upcoming November [1999] issue he will have run this column for a full 14-year period. We heartily recommend him to the forthcoming editor, Tod Stuessy. May he thus serve Taxon in that role for many years to come." (From Taxon 49:126-127, Feb. 2000.; somewhat longer version in XVI Int. Bot. Congr., St. Louis, proceedings, pp. 140-141, 2004)


Rudi's Engler Medal, front
Rudi's Engler Medal, back

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