"The International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT) established the Engler Medals in 1986. The Engler Medal in Gold is awarded for outstanding [lifetime] contributions to plant taxonomy at each International Botanical Congress, i.e., every six years. The Silver Medals are awarded [for a monograph or other work in systematic botany] at International Botanical Congresses and at International Congresses of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology, i.e., every three years" (Nicolson 1993), or in recent years more frequently. The Medal Committee has five members: the President, the Secretary, and three other members of the Council (Nicolson & Greuter 1988). "It is possible that no award will be made for one year, in which case two may be available for another year" (Nicolson 1996).

In 2002 the Engler Medal in Silver was split into the following categories (see Taxon 51:825-826, Nov. 2002, 52:8, Feb. 2003):

the Engler Medal in Silver, awarded yearly, since 1987, for an outstanding publication in monographic or floristic plant systematics
the Stafleu Medal, awarded yearly, since 2002, for an outstanding publication in historical, bibliographic, and/or nomenclatural aspects of plant systematics
the Stebbins Medal, awarded yearly, since 2003, for an outstanding publication in phylogenetic plant systematics and/or plant evolution
The medals honor Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler (24 Mar. 1844-10 Oct. 1930), Frans Antonie Stafleu (8 Sep. 1921-16 Dec. 1997), and George Ledyard Stebbins, Jr. (6 Jan. 1906-19 Jan. 2000).

For more information on Adolf Engler, please see Pictures of Engler's house and gravesite in Berlin.

Engler Medal
(artwork by Alice R. Tangerini,
from Taxon 37:506, 1988)

    Established 1986, awarded every six years at IBC, starting in 1987
  1987 Frans A. Stafleu (Utrecht)
1993 William T. Stearn (London)
1999 Peter H. Raven (St. Louis)

    Established 1986, awarded annually, starting in 1987
Presented 1990:
1987   Natalie W. Uhl (Cornell) & John Dransfield (Kew) for Genera palmarum: A classification of palms based on the work of Harold E. Moore, Jr. (1987)
1988 Elmar Robbrecht (Meise), Tropical woody Rubiaceae (in Opera Botanica Belgica, vol. 1, 1988)
1989 Peter Taylor (Kew), The genus Utricularia: A taxonomic monograph (1989)
Presented 1993:
1990 Warren L. Wagner, Darrell R. Herbst & Sy H. Sohmer (Honolulu) for Manual of flowering plants of Hawaii (1990)
1991 Rupert C. Barneby (New York) for Sensitivae censitae: A description of the genus Mimosa Linnaeus (Mimosaceae) in the New World (in Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden, vol. 65, 1991)
1992 Rudolf M. Schuster (Amherst) for The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America east of the hundredth meridian, vols. 5, 6 (1992)
Presented 1996:
1993 Peter C. Boyce (Kew) for The genus Arum (1993)
1993 Donald J. McGillivray (formerly Sydney) (assist. by Robert Owen Makinson) for Grevillea, Proteaceae: A taxonomic revision (1993)
1994 Grady L. Webster (Davis) for "Synopsis of the genera and suprageneric taxa of the Euphorbiaceae," Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 81:33-144
1995 no award
Presented 1999:
1996 James L. Luteyn (New York) for Ericaceae [in G. Harling & L. Andersson (ed.), Flora of Ecuador, no. 54, 1996]
1997 Aljos Farjon (Kew) & Brian T. Styles (deceased 1993) for Pinus (Pinaceae) [in J. L. Luteyn & S. R. Gradstein (ed.), Flora neotropica monograph, vol. 75, 1997]
1998 Kade Sidiyasa (Leiden) for Taxonomy, phylogeny, and wood anatomy of Alstonia (Apocynaceae) (in Blumea supplement, vol. 11, 1998)
1999 Rudolf Schmid (Berkeley), a Special Engler Medal in Silver, for his accomplishments as editor of the "Reviews and notices of publications" column of Taxon since its February 1986 issue. See the text of presentation to Rudi Schmid.
Presented 2001:
1999 Walter S. Judd (Gainesville), Christopher S. Campbell (Orono), Elizabeth A. Kellogg (St. Louis) & Peter F. Stevens (St. Louis) for Plant systematics: A phylogenetic approach (1999)
2000 H. Walter Lack (Berlin) for A garden for eternity: The codex Liechtenstein (2000)
Presented 2002:
2001 David G. Frodin (Kew) for Guide to standard floras of the world, 2nd ed. (2001)
Presented 2003:
2002 Scott A. Mori (New York), Georges Cremers (Paris), Carol A. Gracie (New York), Jean-Jacques de Granville (Cayenne), Scott, V. Heald (New York), Michel Hoff (Paris) & John D. Mitchell (New York) for Guide to the vascular plants of central French Guiana, pt. 2, Dicotyledons (2002)

    Established 2002, awarded annually, starting in 2002
Presented 2004:
2002 David B. Lellinger (Washington, DC) for A modern multilingual glossary for taxonomic pteridology (2002)

    Established 2002, awarded annually, starting in 2003
Presented in 2004:
2003 Loren H. Rieseberg (Bloomington; with 9 coauthors) for "Major ecological transitions in wild sunflowers facilitated by hybridization," Science 301:1211-1216.

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